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Custom Made Flags

The Anco-Dye process forces the color to penetrate completely into and through the core of the nylon fabric.
The combination of this process and our exclusive color-lock dye formulas insures maximum color retention and durability.

Anco-Dye Pricing Digital
Size 1-2 3-5 6-11 12-24 25-49 50-99
2 X 3' $99.00 $74.78 $65.98 $52.78 $39.60 $30.80
2 X 4' 123.00 95.18 83.98 67.18 50.40 39.20
3 X 5' 131.00 101.98 89.98 71.98 54.00 42.00
4 X 6' 175.00 139.38 122.98 99.38 73.80 57.40
5 X 8' 241.98 205.68 181.48 145.18 108.90 84.70
6 X 10' 369.98 314.48 277.48 221.98 166.50 129.50
8 X 12' 399.98 339.98 299.98 279.98 259.98 239.98
10 X 15' 499.98 424.98 374.98 349.98 324.98 299.98
12 X 18' 679.98 577.98 509.98 475.98 441.98 407.98

Prices shown are for single sided flags or banners with mirror image on reverse. All are finished with canvas heading and grommets or with unlined pole sleeve and tabs.
If you require pricing for double sided flags, products with special finishing, alternate size or quantities larger than those shown, please call.

Vector art created to scale, 3x5 image could be either 3x5 (1/12th scale) or 3.6x6 (1/10th scale), in .AI or .EPS Format. Fonts converted to paths and PMS Chips matching specific colors. Raster Art to size at 150 PPI or higher in either TIFF or Photoshop formats. JPEGS can be used, but due to file compression and image degradation, the quality of the finished goods will be greatly diminished. Raster files are printed as is, unless formatted as an RGB Indexed file with no more than 25 colors. Under this format, color changes can be made.
A clear image with colors marked accordingly is re-quired. Art charges will be billed at $75.00 per hour. In this case, a Color Rendition is generated and approved by the customer. Production on the order will be suspended until the color rendition is approved.
We will try to match colors as closely as possible. For spe-cific colors, PMS numbers are required. If PMS numbers are not supplied in writing, we cannot be held responsible for color matches once item is manufactured.

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